What Is Contemporary Art & Who Are The Famous Contemporary artists

Famous Contemporary artists – What is contemporary art – Art careers

Art is a form of describing human activities. Painting, photography, sculpture, acting, music, dance and visual arts are some of the different branches of art. Many of us have heard about contemporary art but we might not what it actually is. So, let?s discuss what is contemporary art? Contemporary art is the branch art that is developed during the Second World War. The term ?contemporary? means existing or living at the same time i.e. this art continues to be created in our times. Contemporary art has started nearly in the year 1880s and continued till 1970s. The art form that was created from the year 1970 till now is tagged as contemporary. The year 1970 was a time when this type of art forms got stopped and there was an art revolution. The number of artists who were actually in this movement was only a few.

Modern artwork is created to spread the awareness of different social issues like women?s rights, global warming, technology and other similar topics. Contemporary art are very stylized that it would best suit your office or home. The famous contemporary artist of 1900s was Warhol who was a rock star of his time and many people still remember him. Artists like him can communicate feelings and moods and make political statements. Leonardo Da Vinci was another contemporary artist who possessed knowledge in many subjects like science, mathematics, music, engineering, architecture, etc. If you are interested in developing art careers, then there are lots of colleges that are offering bachelor degrees in fine arts.


To get more knowledge about contemporary art, there are some museums for contemporary art. Museum of Contemporary Art, Miami is always available for you to make use off. You can also make use of doing research online to get to know about different art works made at different times. To get an entry in this field, you must do a bachelor program in fine arts from an art school. An associate degree in the art will provide you training program, which is quite necessary. There are design schools, colleges and universities that offer an associate degree in fine arts, graphic design, computer arts, animation and game designs. Some schools do offer complete degree program online whereas, some offer partial online degree program.

Use the best search engines like Bing or Google while looking for the best art school. You can also make a consideration about the ranking of the college that you have selected. Make sure that the college or school that you have selected, is certified by The National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD) or any other certifying agency. An art program that is under demand, will ask you for your piece of work in art and they will check out for your history in fine arts. They might also ask for recommendation letter from higher officials to get admission in this program. You can do bachelor programs in courses like Art History, Fine Arts, Contemporary Culture, Drawing, Visual Arts, Introduction to Printmaking, Digital Photo, writing, Sculpture and lots other topics.

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