Japanese Business Culture & Etiquee

Japanese business culture – Japanese business etiquette – Japanese customs

Japanese business culture, Japanese business etiquette and the Japanese customs differ from other countries.

Japanese business culture is fairly specific and formed with the rigid business protocols which have to be followed by the domestic business partner and the rigid business protocols.

japanese business culture

Japanese business is perceived wrongly by most of the foreign companies while entering into Japanese business market.People never start their business culture due to misconception about the Japanese business myths.  Japanese business cultures were proven to be successful and enjoyable by some of the companies like Mercedes-Benz, Louis volition and the Tiffany.

Japanese business culture differs from the Europe or US, but their difference does not create any risk in the business world where Japanese are loyal to their trusted partners.

Japanese business etiquette contains certain rules to be followed in case of business. You must be clear with the Japanese business etiquette incase if you are planning to start the business with Japanese. Click here to know the Chinese business etiquette

Let us discuss about the Japanese business etiquette

Importance of the business card

Japanese provide more importance to the presentation and  also exchange of cards.  On your first business counter you have to introduce yourself by outstretching your both the hands on the other side you have receive the business card carefully.

After getting you businesses you have make you business card to lie in table for some time don?t place it immediately inside the pocket and finally you  have to give the conclusion in a carefull manner.


Avoid using san while introducing yourself.  You have to be very careful while addressing others or yourself.

Gift giving

Always give a gift when you happen to make your travel to Japan. You can give cookies, chocolates as a gift. You can also gift them alcoholic beverage if they are interested.  Main thing to be considered is the quality gift.

Japanese customs   are very unique from other countries. It is very important to know about the Japanese custom before you plan your trip to Japan.  Bowing each other is most common custom followed in Japanese custom.  Usually you have to bow longer but in case of apologizing to superior you have to bow lower.

Greeting each other is also encouraged in Japan so do not forget top greet each other when you happen to meet any one in Japan.  Never forget to say thank you and also good bye when you are about to leave the place, while addressing someone use their last name such as san. If they are your close friends you can call them by their first name.

Japanese food items tastes good where you have use the chop sticks for eating their food.  You have to practice to eat with the chop stick before you plan to go there. You must be polite when you leave your chopstick after your food. Along with chopstick eating learn their table manners,

After having your meals in restaurant place your cash in provided tray. Do not pay tips as they consider the tips as insult to their job in Japan.

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