Enjoy The Cultural Diversity In The Workplace

What is organizational culture – Cultural diversity in the workplace – Corporate culture definition

What is organization culture is the most discussed factor inside the organization cultural diversification followed in the workplace   and the corporate culture definition followed inside the organization provides more benefit for organization.

cultural diversity in the workplace

What is organization culture?

Organization culture is the culture that is followed in organization during working hours.  Organization culture is framed by the management to have control over the employees. What is organization culture?  Organization culture is the rules, procedures and beliefs framed by the organization.  Let us discuss about the six types of organization culture.

Power culture

In power culture control plays the vital role.  Power culture is usually followed in small organization where the decision is centralized and made by the head of department, where the decision is made immediately by the individual in case of emergency. This system usually ends up with the lack of consultation and de motivated.

Role culture

Role culture is the responsibility given to the individual in particular department where every individual works individual according to the task assigned by the management which in turn results in high productivity. It is used mostly in large industries.

Task Culture

It is team based culture where it is based on particular task. Task culture is quite common in modern business society, where the management assign task for particular team which is called as project teams. They have to complete the task within allotted time period. This approach has resulted in good result as the decision is made by the group.NASA follows task culture to complete the task.

Person culture

This task is usually followed in nonprofit organization, which concentrates on individual aim.

Forward looking and backward looking culture

Forward looking is acceptance of suggestion provided by the employees.  They are risk takers and complete the task because of their coordination.  Backward system is the procedures framed by the organization.

Cultural diversity in work place refers to the different culture people working in same organization where they differ in gender, age, ethnic group, personality, tenure, education, background.

Benefits of cultural Diversity in work place

Organizations success lies in managing the diversity inside the organization.

Increased adaptability

Workers from the diverse background will bring out the individual talent, experience to suggest the ideas for the development of organization. Those employees work according to the market condition and are flexible to meet out the customers demand.

Broader service ranges

Diverse collection of the experience and skills of employees will make the company to care the customer in global basis.

Different angle of viewpoints

Diverse workforce will provide good collection of ideas and the experience from the large pool of employees which will be effective to fulfill the strategy needs and customer needs.

More effective idea execution

Diversifying workplace helps to perform the employees at highest ability where the strategies will be framed in worldwide that make all the employees to work at their best level which in turn results in highest productivity and also profit from the investment.

Corporate culture definition is philosophical and also linguistic. Corporate culture definition depicts a relationship of employees inside the organization.


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