Cultural Universals & Socio Cultural Environment

Cultural universals – Socio cultural environment – Cultural diversity definition

Culture universals tell about the different culture.Socio culture environment refers to the environment in a company.  Cultural diversity definition is the combination of culture.

Culture universal is a part of culture which varies from one culture to another. Cultural universals are art, language, economy, recreation, institution and the belief.

Cultural universals are called as universal traits among different culture.  They are differentiated by the idea of person and their family, where the private property differs from one culture to another but they have common traits.

Socio cultural environment refers to the social factors. It is the factors which have reaction beyond the organization gate, which includes the people?s attitude such as wealth, work, knowledge, education family, social responsibility in a business and the ethics.

Social cultural environment is the factor which includes the society for long period and they also explains the unified belief system among a group of people. This environment makes the people from the different culture to work under the single roof, where they get the distant culture. They convey the sense of identity in organization.

As the business condition improves international level it requires proper understanding and the appreciation between the countries.  When person gets transferred from one place to another it creates some confusion, disorientation and the emotional upheaval. Particularly when the person from the Asian countries gets transferred to west they will face total difference in language, dress code, working style and the negotiating styles, which is called as ?cultural shock?.  It is easy for the fresher?s to adapt these changes as they are new and it is easy to train them.  It is difficult for the employees as well as management to face these types of sudden changes.

Transnational and the multinational companies, which have established their business in various parts of the world, have to be prepared to face this cultural shock. Huge investment entering the project will think and analyze the social and cultural aspects which have impact on working organization. For an example the attitude of western employees is always focused on service and its result where as Asian country workers always have sacrifice and the patient rooted in the loyalty and the emotion.

Business is considered as big social network to satisfy the social and the economical interest, where the culture binds the organizations together by setting the appropriate standards and rules for the welfare of organization and workers.

Cultural diversity definition refers to the multiculturalism in a region or in the organization. They include different belief and social structures along with the strategies in culture which is commonly needed for adopting the culture.

Cultural diversity definition depends on difference in language, religion, race, value system and the local culture which creates the various groups in the community and accounts for diversity.

Cultural diversity definition in public speaking includes variety of diverse culture along with its presentation.  Cultural diversity ids opposed to the mono culture. Cultural diversity refers to difference in cultural aspects and their difference.Cultural difference usually occurs between their tradition, dress, language and the people.


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