Chinese Business Etiquette & Customs

Chinese culture and traditions – Chinese customs – Chinese business etiquette

Chinese culture and tradition is bound by principles and rules. Chinese customs was still followed by the modern Chinese people.Chinese business etiquette is different from other countries.

Chinese culture and tradition implies different meanings. As the generation developed and changed they was changes in the symbols but the meanings remains the same.  Even after improvement in technology they still follow their old Chinese culture and tradition.

chinese customs

Chinese tradition in marriage was bound by the ancient principles. They have highly desirable and traditional principles.  Respect to the parents and their ancestors is strictly followed rituals to get rid of bad omens and they often exchange fanciful gifts.

In Chinese culture and tradition boy or girl do not have the rights to decide about their marriage where only the family members arrange for the marriage and they are not allowed even to make in arrangements for their marriage.

There are many rituals engaged in Chinese culture and tradition. They have different types of ritual for both bride and groom. Groom has to answer the questions asked by the bride?s friends to get back his bride.  They always use red umbrella to protect themselves from the evil.

They have many rituals before and after the marriage ceremony.Their ceremony is mixed with the respect and simplicity.

Chinese customs were difficult to find by the westerners, at the beginning stage westerner thought Chinese customs was same as Japanese customs where the Chinese customs

Chinese customs requires declaration form to allow the tourist to carry certain products. According to Chinese customs personal belonging of the person was admitted and they are duty free which includes food, liquor and the cigarettes. Tape recorder, camera, wristwatch and the similar product are not allowed to transfer from the china.

They must declare if they carry any gifts on behalf of other person.

Chinese business etiquette has set of framed rules for trading or for business transaction.  Let us discuss about some of the Chinese business etiquette while making transaction with china.

Chinese family person?s names are denoted by one syllabic.You have to use the family name while addressing any person.

Give respect to the people who are in top ranking position, if you are taking to the top executives of company use president or the director.

According to Chinese culture a person who first enters into the room must heads the group.

  •  Observe the customs of Chinese while you exchange the business card.
  •  Don?t place your business card immediately into the pocket immediately after transaction instead leaves the card to lie on the table for some time.
  •  While attending a meeting give a brief and friendly speech
  •  While you are invited for the meetings go with the gift which is a token of appreciation
  •  Always wrapper the gift with colored wrapper while gifting for someone
  •  Avoid providing suggestion which may cause tears or the death sometimes.
  •  Avoid gifts like Handkerchief, white flowers, Umbrella and the clock as gift.  And avoid the sharp product as gifts such as knives and scissors.


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